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Default Re: Knocking after installing new flywheel

I took some measurements:
1. Flywheel bolt length 0.820
2. Crank shaft end-play: 0.009
3. Old flywheel dowel retainer: 0.042
4. New flywheel dowel retainer: 0.035
5. Flywheel flange to bearing cap clearance: 0.049
6. Flywheel bolt extends beyond flywheel: .3750 (plus some extra when torqued down)
7. Flywheel flange width: .3950

1. Ring gear is tight against flywheel, absolutely no gap
2. Two layers of masking tape on flywheel mounting bolt heads does not rub off on clutch disc springs
3. No scraping on ring gear
4. No scraping on flywheel housing
5. No scraping on bearing cap (but it may be too hard to see)
6. No scraping on bell housing

Do you think the big cotter pin at the bottom of the flywheel housing could cause it? It looked way too far away from the ring gear, and tight in the hole, but it did have a little scraping on the top which might have gotten there when I tried to remove the flywheel without first removing the cotter pin.
Ray White
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