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Originally Posted by Capt Quahog View Post
Whilst you good people are on the subject of Model A Ford tires and issues of their quality and manufacture I have a couple of general questions.

As purchased last fall, my 1931 Tudor sedan came equipped with a set of four zig-zag pattern ALLSTATE 19" tires. To recollection, these type Sears ALLSTATE tires have not be offered since the 1970s or maybe 1980s.

Upon close inspection, all four of the ALLSTATE tires are in excellent condition being pliable and not at all dry. Also, using a magnifier, no cracking or surface deterioration can be found. The things are marked as 6-ply and look much better than okay.

Since this is to be a local driving around car, the original plan was figured for replacement of those tires with new ones. Instead, I will likely roll with the ancient ALLSTATE rubber that came with it.

Over on the Model T Ford forum some of those hardy souls boast about driving their Tin Lizzie's on ancient rubber tires dating back to the early 1950s.

So the question is . . . .when were ALLSTATE tires for the Model A Ford cars last manufactures and sold?

We put of set of Sears Allstates on the A in the late 70's, I doubt it was the early 80s, and they have been on since with no issues [ knock on wood]. Those things just don't wear out. They are pretty hard though.

I'm thinking seriously to changing to radials since I like what I've been hearing about them. They have been talked about quite a bit here lately. But, there seems to be a possible wheel width issue.
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