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In not trying to start a "White Wall/Black Wall" preference discussion, Coker answered my question that they have no intentions of making Model A "Whitewall" "Radial" tires in the near future.

However, a few gentleman wrote a few weeks ago about the extra long life, superior softer ride, and far better road traction "Safety" after installing Model A Coker "Radial" tires on their Model A's.

One can also read several articles on the internet describing the major differences between the "Bias" tires most of us order from Model A Parts Suppliers and the more expensive Coker "Radials".

After recently hearing a few complaints on "newly" purchased Model A tires, (even though the "Radials" cost quite a bit more), it may be interesting for some contemplating "new" tires to hear a few more comments from those Model A owners who have switched to "Radial" tires.
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