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Default Re: Noise in my ney 29 a engin

Originally Posted by pinball73 View Post
denniskliesen! they are a bit pricy but I was wondering if it would be worth the investment? I am running pretty much stock
From all the threads I've read the automatic timing advance works nicely.the only caveat is the curve isn't broad enough, easily solved by keeping your manual spark control hooked up but limited in travel to move the entire curve up and down with the lever.To set it up correctly requires peak advance timing,basically running the engine at high rpm and using a timing light and pointer to check that max advance does not exceed 30 degrees, then setting your lever limit to stop at that point..this allows you to retard the spark by hand if the condition requires it, yet never allow you to exceed max advance.

the benefit to automatic advance is correct timing during acceleration, a key to long center main bearing life...and instead of not being recommended, its a must for using a high compression head, due to the compression increase,the 'hammer effect' on the center main bearing during detonation caused by improper timing being greater than stock compression,higher compression accentuates the detonation effect.
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