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Default Re: Purchasing a Model A Jack

Originally Posted by Ed in Maine View Post
I have been looking at Model A Jacks and have tentatively picked the "C1" version. This is the jack with three oval holes in the cast stand with a top that has been crimped over a lower piece. I want to be able to open up the top of the jack for cleaning, repair if necessary and grease and reassemble. Has anyone restored the "C1" jack and how difficult was it to open the top of the jack? Thank you, Ed

It was never designed and manufactured to be opened. Most everyone who buys an original Model "A" jack wants to use it in a display of original tools for their vehicle. That being the case, then clean it, paint it and put it in your tool display. The ones that I restore for cars being judged, I bead-blast every part that can be exposed then thoroughly blow out every bit of the grit that I can. I repair the slotted hole where the handle is inserted. Then I mask the screw and paint the rest with satin black paint. When the paint is completely dry, I put some oil on the screw, wipe off any excess oil and lower the screw to the closed position. It is then ready to display.

If you want a jack to raise and lower your "A", then buy a bottle jack at your favorite local auto supply store. They cost a lot less than an original Model "A" jack, work better and are safer. Just for the record, I would never put one of the ratchet style jacks under a car. Most of them are prone to failure and should only be used in a display. The screw style jacks are a little better than the ratchet style, but still questionable.
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