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Default Re: Use of a MIG welder for other purposes?

I think you could do it with 2 people. There is a company called "Big Flats Rivets" and at Hershey I bought rivets and bucking tools and different tools that go in an air hammer to either make a waffle or rounded rivet end. If you use oxy acetlyene and heat the rivet slowly in place you can get the entire rivet red hot, at this point, have your helper buck the already formed head and then with an air hammer form the other end and if the entire rivet was red hot, the center would swell too. Call Big Flats and ask for their advice, I am sure you won't be the first to ask. They are in NY Phone:
(607) 562-3501 Good luck, Maybe Google them, their website may have instructions

I just went to their website and they have good instructions...
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