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Default Re: Body Identification

The tops were generally rounded more around the back. Doors didn't go all the way to the top of the car. Fuel tanks were sometimes under the seat.

It's a lot harder to tell when the other car characteristics are missing. The shape of the top, the belt line configuration, the construction of the doors, and gas tank placement may be all you have to work with. The side posts were removable in 1917 & 18 and you see photos with them removed now and then. The door handles were the loop or bale type if I remember correctly.

1917 had the landau bar type coupe with the soft top and they had at least two configurations of hard top types with the rounded edges being prevalent in both. A lot of folks think the later version spilled over into 1918 with some changes and that is possible giving the wartime build up at Ford in that time frame.

The example photographed above looks like the ones beginning in 1919 and carrying on to 1922 with the characteristics I can see. It should be easier to find a good chassis for these years.

If it was a roadster, it would likely already be on a hot rod. The tall Ts are an acquired taste for hot rods. The roofs aren't all that stable when they are in good shape let alone when the body is mated to a fire breathing frame & engine combo.

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