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Default Re: Boxberg Klassik 2013

Actually it was raining a lot so :

We chosed to have a flat tire.
As i might have been to fast with repairs,
our car decided to take some ignition probs (?)

As inside compartement everything was dry i changed
sparks as a first try. Sparks looked great, so probs
didnt go away.
Some miles later, as probs improved, i changed the coil.
Doing so, the car lost its only Bosch-part - and -
ja you guess - probs didnt go away...
Some miles later i got somewhat angry and changed the
distributor and cleaned the carb during one stop and
(i guess) one of both actions solved the prob.

Soon after that, rain stoped.

After about 200km we arrived in Abstatt near Heilbronn and
had a great evening event there.
Very relaxed people and a lot of fun.
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