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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Originally Posted by 26 lakes View Post
I hate to butt in on a thread, but I need the wisdom of the COE scholars out there. I went out to a mans property today to look at two old COE trucks. He is in the process of removing a handful of vehicles off of his property. He was {is} planning on taking them to the crusher. I am going to negotiate with him and try and salvage what I can. My question is what parts other than sheet metal and motor and transmission have value to the guys trying to rescue these old relics. I am posting some pictures. One is the 1941 up era. The other is a 1956.
nothing like asking a question on a several year old post but curious if you pulled parts from this truck? Im about 10 miles from you and could use the 2 speed axle and open driveshaft?

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