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Default Re: '41 Ford COE questions

Originally Posted by COE Dan View Post
Chris - great progress there on your COE. My truck certainly could use a bit of body work and a repaint - but I'm enjoying as-is for now. I'm looking forward to seeing more of it and ultimately it's completion. I've been off Ford Barn for a bit after moving and deploying again, courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Last year, just before I put it in temp storage for my move and deployment, my COE developed what I'm currently believe to be an intermittent fuel starvation issue causing the engine to quit. The major symptom acts like the carb runs out of fuel (presumably because fuel is either not being pumped by the fuel pump or there's a restriction in the system). As of now, the carb is rebuilt, new fuel filter installed, and just this weekend I pulled the fuel pump and bench checked for operation and flow. Everything checks good so far. I'm beginning to suspect that I have either a contaminated tank which intermittently plugs the intake line (haven't confirmed that yet) or possibly a bad ground on the electric fuel pump causing it to intermittently quit due to loss of power (vibration probably aggravates the problem). If I get through the fuel system and the problem persists, I suspect it's then going to be in the ignition system (coil or condenser problem?). Anyways, I've got a few more weeks of winter weekends to work on it as long as it doesn't get too cold.

As for Todd's comment on bearings, I've got a full set of Timken bearings for the front/rear, inner/outer wheels. These truck use standard sizes. I can provide the cross reference numbers if anyone needs those. I read back through this thread and must have missed who was looking for that data.

Looking forward to more
Thanks for your service to our country. Glad that Uncle Sam has you in a place that you can play with your vintag toys. Intermittent problems can be frustrating. My friend has a Hudson that was having a similar issue. We found that it has a deteriorated insulator on the distributor which was causing it to quit randomly and finally wouldn't start. Hope you get yours figured out easily enough.

Still waiting on my painter to pull the trigger. I just need to be patient. Currently the cab is on its back in my garage. I'm using bedliner to coat the bottom for corrosion protection. It's pretty solid but I only want to do this rebuild thing once on it.

Keep us posted on your fix on your cabover.

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