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Default Re: Dead Short - how do I find it?

Originally Posted by Mike V. Florida View Post


2) your ignition switch is shorted. The coil gets power from the switch. If the switch is open then nothing can get to the coil and down to the distributor.


Please report back. Oh break out the wiring diagram, here is one,
Ummm, no, the coil does not get power from the switch. Go study that wiring diagram again. The coil gets POWER from the terminal box, all the time, via the black wire. The switch provides a GROUND to the coil, with the red wire and through the points, when it's turned on and working properly.

So if the switch is defective and providing a ground, or if the red wire from coil to switch is shorted to ground, the coil has current running through it and will get hot.

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