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Default Dead Short - how do I find it?

Looks like the Woody has a dead short. I do have a cutoff switch, but I must have something amiss with that too or something. With the master cutoff in the off position and the ignition off, the leads to the coil spark when touched to the coil positive and negative. I found the issue today after a short drive, then parking in the driveway while I lubed the chassis. The car wouldn’t start. After some troubleshooting I found the coil to be extremely hot to the touch. I disconnected it (the master switch was ON all this time). I noticed sparking when I connected the new coil. The car started up and I was able to back into the garage which is uphill.

Once in the garage I turned off the ignition and the car shut off as normal. Then I killed the master switch and turned off the fuel. A short time later, the replacement coil was hot too! I disconnected the leads and they sparked! So, the battery is now disconnected.

Where do I start? All I can think to do is disconnect about everything—which isn’t much and then start closest to the battery reconnecting stuff until i get a spark, then check that wire for a bare spot or ground fault. Any better ideas?
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