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Unhappy Re: Which PS fluid

Originally Posted by ahshoe View Post

I still hate to put the newest available PS fluid like Mercon V in a 1961 stock (rebuilt and NOS parts) system. So with what I have new quart wise on my shelf from awhile back are Type F and type FA...with that in mind which of these two would be best for my system?
Neither. How old is that oil?

DEXRON III (GM based) is the replacement. The only current use I know of for TYPE A (and this used whale oil until the use was outlawed) is for a gear box on certain bikes.

I can't help you any further. Maybe someone else can help you. Ol' Don had the answer, just dump anything into it.

If anyone here actually has an EDSEL 1958/59 361, and if possible, find and post any CASTING ID NOS you come across, especially the block?

It would be greatly appreciated.

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