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Default Re: Rear Axle Housing woes

The bolt that holds the shoes has a thin head, if it is too thick it can rub, check that first. The head on it too can be ground down, it does not have to be real thick it's just a support bolt and the head keeps the shoes from moving out.

Could be you have a set of the repo shoes from a few years back. They were too wide. You might have to grind some off the edge. I would install with the shim. Take a felt pen and color the edge, reinstall the wheel. Turn it and see if rubbing and where.

When you install the springs make sure they are on the back side not front.

Also check the nuts and bolts holding the wheel together, if the bolts are too long or nuts too thick they can rub. The bolts threads should end at just the top of the nuts and the nuts are thinner and larger in diameter then a normal nut.
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