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Default Re: Compression test and Vacuum test readings need help

Originally Posted by Jim Brierley View Post
It is undoubtedly valves. You can just force compressed air into the spark plug hole and listen for where the air leaks out, likely into the exhaust pipe.
The first time I became aware of leak down testing I was a teenager. I will never forget, a aircraft mechanic was performing it and I was about to walk into the propeller arch when the propeller spun, OMG it would have made hamburger of me. We had along talk after that, with only 60 psi that he was putting into the cylinder I asked what if I could hold it " being young dumb and strong" he answered no way! No way to put it in gear and choke the wheels like in a model A.
Don't force it with a little hammer tap, tap, tap
get a bigger hammer tap done
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