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Default Re: What is the price of a rebuilt flathead??

Originally Posted by deuce lover View Post
It cost me last yr to do a bone stock 21 stud '36 LB motor $1200 in parts(+$150 in shipping to France) and $1200 in machine work and labor.Located all the parts(pistons,rings,valves,lifters & bearings) on EBAY.C& G for the gasket set.Boring without removing the studs,turning the crank,setting the valves and reassembly done here in France.I thought I did good.

In or around 2008 I assisted in selling off an estate in West Covina,CA.In that load was an early and mint complete set of Ardun heads.The Valve covers said "Ardun Made in England" I failed to note the number that was on them.Story goes that they came from Blairs Speed Shop and had been run only once. Had them on EBAY for 24 hrs before I killed the auction.Had to many curious questions .Because of that listing I met a fellow(Wasted Willie) who has 6 sets and 3 of those were NOS in their boxes.He has since passed away.

So this is my halfpenny addition to this thread. I have always desired a set of Ardun heads but never owned as of yet. In 1976 I looked at 2 sets of brand new in greasy cosmoline paper in Warren Goodalls shop in Sydney Australia. Early 2000s seem another brand new set while waiting for LA Roadster show swap meet to open owned by another Aussie (name escapes me)oh he sells that new 34 roadster pickup body. They were over the top complete. He told me he collected parts from all over Aussie to make complete.
Now late 1990’s held on to another low mileage set at Pete Taylor’s shop here in Charlotte they were ready to bolt on a short block he had built. Not for sale at the time. Purchased from Speedy Thompson on Monroe rd here in Charlotte many years earlier & supposedly raced by Ralf Earnhart (Dales Dad) He later sold them to “Wasted Willie Glass” (I was also blessed to meet Willie in 90’s) after Willie’s passing Ray Everingham purchased several of not all of Willie’s heads & has some for sale now. Sorry for my tale.
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