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Default Re: What is the price of a rebuilt flathead??

Originally Posted by tubman View Post
I had heard that the reproduction heads had several improvements over the originals that made them an overall better setup. Id this not true?

Not really true the Ardun engine in my roadster is all original to date its the highest mileage set of original Ardun heads out there. Been to the West coast twice last round trip over 7000 trouble free miles with a blower on top no less. Also many thousands of miles here on the East coast. Theres details needed to make the heads work perfectly especially oiling improvements. Everything i designed myself in the garage typical back yard Hotroding. The drive train in my roadster I will say has seen a lot of strain from using the options that be the loud pedal but other than hurting the fuel economy that being the only draw back. So a proper combination using original heads is just as good as the new heads.

Dale the most recent set of Ardun heads i just acquired are in the low 200 number range. To add more actual facts to the Ardun head history I personally talked to Zora in 1991 at Watkins Glen where I asked him during lunch what the total production number was for heads he told me between 225 to 250 sets. And a final note the Ardun engine in Zoras 1951 pre production Allard he ran at the Glen in 1951 was powered by the first prototype Ardun engine the one used on the dyno at the Ardun Engine Company in NY that engine was purchased by Joaquin Arnett from San Diego of the Bean Bandits car club. I was able to see those heads earlier this year and they actually have four numbers with the number 1 as the first digit the only know set that way. The heads were cast out in Long Island the foundry used for the initial parts. Theres lots more to the history including George Kudash who in 1947 did the actual design of the heads working for Zora. George lived in Milford CT about a 30 minute ride form me He worked for Sikorsky designing systems for helicopters until retirement.

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