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Default Re: Early V8 Dyno Work

"As for USAC, there is more lap time influence provided by the chassis, tires, and driver than any engine tuning."
Very true for a B main car.

"There was no mention of the Drag Race engines but the most powerful, refined, competition engines can be found at the drag strip."
Powerful, yes. Refined, not so much. Naturally aspirated engines are more refined because they don't have the advantage of chemicals (most of the time) and a supercharger.

"I have many trophies in both Flathead and non-Flathead classes but I do not see why that would be important to mention in this discussion??"
It is highly important because it makes you qualified for this discussion.
I only have 2 trophys. One is a piece of paper that says I did 5 years of college. This incidentily was paid for by driving a sprint car for money, not trophys.
The other is a trophy for a national championship.

"Pete, I usually try to correct and inform you privately when your information is wrong or poorly expressed."
Yes, you did once and Ryan probably appreciated that.

And lastly, thanks for your insinuating quotes at the end of your posts. I always get a belly laugh from them.
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