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Default Re: Early V8 Dyno Work

Originally Posted by JWL View Post
Actually an EMC engine could be a VERY good racing engine. To discount the dyno developed engine flies in the face of ALL known engine shops from Nascar to Sprints, to Drags, to boats to planes. There is simply no other reasonable way to develop engine systems that work at the highest level.
Boy is that a crock.
I think I previously said, the dyno comes first, BUT, final tuning ALWAYS comes at the track if you expect to win.
We had the fastest midget in the country for 3 years running in the late 50's and only the first of the 3 engines ever saw a dyno. We never blew one up either.

John, you know you are one of my best friends and you wrote a book about stock and street engines but I don't ever remember you telling me about your USAC circle track or Bonneville experience with flatheads. It is not even in the same galaxy.

Unless someone knows Speedy Spiers or did know Smokey Yunick, I doubt they
have a clue what goes into a real flathead race engine.
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