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Default Re: Mart's Crusty Flatty Teardown Pt6. Studs!. Get 'em out!

Originally Posted by corvette8n View Post
Thanks Mart, I'm going the use the hammer to get the rest of mine out, just have to wait until spring as my block is in a portable garage and its 30 degrees and snowing at the moment. I also am going to try and weld a nut onto the three broken studs to get them out.
Bob, I didn't soak mine, but I would advise you to go out and apply penetrating oil of your choice every few days until you are ready to do it don't forget the studs are open to the water jacket so you can slosh some in there too and try and wet the studs from the other side.

I have had further stud removal experience which did end up with some breakages. I also used heat.

Re the welding on of the nut. Drill right through the stud remnant first. That worked for me once.

I might do a further video showing it not going so well. Might, mind, no promises.

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