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1929 Fordor with stock engine & transmission (except with modern upper plate points & condenser). Was running good b4 being parked several months. After being parked it started and ran good except when pulling forward from a stop or going up hill, when it lurched and bucked terribly. When backing up the same hill it ran fine. It starts & idles very well.
Here's what I've done so far without improvement:
1 Made sure gas tank was at least 1/2 full with fresh gas without alcohol
2 Cleaned filter on the fire wall
3 Had carburetor professionally cleaned
4 Replaced points and condenser
5 Replaced coil
6 Retimed
7 Replaced condenser again
8 Compression test OK
9 Plugs were black and sooty. Cleaned off what I could.
10 Put about 1 oz Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder, rotated engine and
reinstalled plugs and let it sit for 5 days
11 Added Marvel Mystery Oil to gas according to instructions on bottle.
When going uphill & it starts to lurch I immediately stop & disconnect gas line from carburetor & gas flow is good. Nothing I did helped lurching.
Any criticism, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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