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Default Re: 1955 Ranch wagon with a 302 engine.

I did a little research last week in trying to find out which speedometer cable would work on my oem speed cluster and at the same time,on my C4 tranny. I came up with a cable from a 65 mustang. Its a 60" long cable and has the correct ends for both the speed cluster and the tranny. It came in friday and installed it on saturday. I also ordered and installed the speed driven gear at the tranny.I got a Red type that has 19 teeth.
After replacing both,I took it for a drive and it worked great. I have an app. on my iphone called speedo box.As I was driving along,I compared the speed on the phone to my speedometer and it was right on.Pretty accurate.
Just in case any of you have a 55 ford station wagon like me and want to replace the cable and drive gear,here are the part #'s that i used to order:
(Red) driven gear at the tranny- TCI-881003.
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