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Default Re: Rear spring shackle

Originally Posted by ryanheacox View Post
The problem (or maybe not a problem) is that the shackle pin is maybe 9/16" and the bore of the bushing is over 1/2".
Normal bushing reamers are 0.570 (A 14.5mm drill is commonly used for this as the fit is not precise) 37/64 (0.578) is close but if you're running small on the shackle 9/16 (0.5625) is the next smaller Imperial size.

The difference between a 9/16 shackle spindle and 14.5mm is only 0.008 which I judge a little generous but would work for this. 0.004 might be my preferred target.

The vendors ARE selling a "critchley type" adjustable reamer for this use to shave that 0.008 down.

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