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Default Re: Restored Nebraska Model "A" Is junk

Originally Posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
No problem titling a car brought into a title state from a non title state.

This is done all the time. There are several companies that specialize in this. You "sell" your car to one of these companies, they register it in a non title state and "sell" it back to you. You then title it in your state.

Oh, we have PLENTY of other crazy systems that make even LESS sense!
I dont think its that easy in MD. Example: I buy a used car, I need to title it in my name. In order to do so, I need to present the current title (along with a bill of sale) with the back signed in the proper place from the immediate past owner (seller). MD takes this title (regardless of which state it is from) and converts it to a MD title in my name. IF there is NO previous title they will not issue a new one. I am currently having title problems on a GOOD title, problem needs to be resolved by previous issuing state (Maine) which does not keep records for older cars. MD say's im SOL.
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