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Default Re: Restored Nebraska Model "A" Is junk

Originally Posted by Synchro909 View Post
Same size as your lower 48 with about one fifteenth or sixteenth the number of people.
There are certain responsibilitiues that fall to the Federal Government and others to the states. For example, only the Federal Government can raise a tax. They are also solely responsible for defense. The states handle things like car registration and land titles, health and education. One of the most annoying things I have found when travelling over there is when buying something. There is the price, then there is a local tax and a state tax and maybe more, plus (in many cases) a tip. By law here, the advertised price is what you pay. NO EXTRAS!
IMO, Our two political/legal sytsems are like us - very similar and nothing like the same! Maybe it's because I grew up here and understand the place better but I think there is greater uniformity accross the length and breadth Australia than I have seen in the US. Whether that is good or bad, I haven't decided.

oh yes, that obscurity about final sales price is a very common complaint to visitors to the US from Europe
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