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Default Blowing fuses in my '33

First off, I'm no electrical genius by any stretch, but I'm wondering what causes the 25 amp fuse to blow that cuts out my lights and radio in my '33?
Let me back up and first say that I am driving a 49K mile survivor. The wire looms are 86 years old yet I've not experienced this light problem ever over the 54 years I've owned the car.
Problem started last week after an evening drive as we stopped for ice cream at a stand. Fired her up to head home and no lights. No ashtray radio. Checked the fuse and it was blown. Good news. Replaced the fuse and all worked, but just for a while. Blew that fuse. Then it happened again.
Any reason why the circuit is overloading or does a short somewhere in the loom cause the blow? Like I said initially, I'm no genius when it comes to electrical problems. Any help out there?
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