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UPDATE. Had a buddy come over and we spent a few hours trouble shooting. Went from no spark, to intermittent, (weak, strong spark) to good spark and got it running. Can't say what we did to improve spark but got it running. However, (and this could be related), I started it yesterday to take it out of the shop and turn it around to put it on the lift and while turning around outside, it just up and quit. Wouldn't restart so I pushed it in the shop. Checked this morning and no spark. Bypassed the ignition system (jumper wire from coil to battery) and still no spark. Pulled the dizzy cap and found that the rotor had broken. Was obviously catching on the cap contacts so now i need a new rotor. Question, how do I "fit" the new rotor so it makes proper contact and does not "catch" the cap contacts? The contacts in the cap show clear evidence of the roar hating them. [IMG][/IMG]
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