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Default Re: Not your Grandparent's left turn.

Getting past the idea because it is different one has to stop and think if this makes sense.

If you have a large line of traffic doing a predominate left turn it can back up the traffic at a light during peak. The left lane is never long enough so the left turn traffic can significantly reduce the flow of straight traffic.

So while we look at it and think it appears dumb, I did, but I thought about how it may help and seems like a good idea. The loss is during off peak times when you would normally flow straight through quickly.

Keep in mind that these ideas are computer modeled and run through human factors. They know people will feel off kilter at first, but as the flow rate is improved you start to like the idea. I will add that I am sure this only works under certain types of traffic flow.

So as a driver you will find higher flow rates and as a taxpayer you can see lower costs of problem resolution.

A side note, they have been removing circles here in NJ. There is a national safety study that was done. The study pointed out that circles would reduce injuries and fatalities at intersections since there is no crossing traffic.
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