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Default Help with vibration

I need some suggestions FB's. I had to remove, stitch and reinstall my low miles engine recently. A new problem that developed after my install is a vibration that occurs from about 37-43 mph. That was my former "sweet spot". Please help me trouble-shoot what I might have done wrong.

While the engine was out I checked bearing clearances and set the valves. I removed the flywheel but I am certain it is aligned with crank as I made proper location marks. It is a balanced crank/flywheel.

I changed the pressure plate and disc because the plate was faulty and had been causing chatter. The replacements are new units (Bratton's and Snyder's), and I adjusted the fingers properly. It performs very nicely now. No chatter, and engages where it should.

I have new float-a-motor rubbers, but all same dimensions as previously.

The vibration exists whether the car is moving or still. (driveline related)

At one point I did have some pressure on the transmission output (drive shaft) while I was doing the reinstall. It was not perfectly lined up and the driveshaft hung up on the clutch plate. Do you think that could be it?


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