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Default New to the forum

Greetings to all ! This is my first post to The Ford Barn, and I must tell you up front that Iím not that big on a lot of chat on forums. Iím not knocking it, just telling it like it is. If I have something to contribute Iíll try to accommodate, but I donít always check forums that often. Usually it's when I have something to investigate.

I bought my first ever Model A last year and have had a lot of fun and interesting experiences with it already. Iíll share some in other posts in hopes that some other newbies might be able to benefit from my experiences. Iím sure nothing I post will be new to the very experienced, knowledgeable voices that I have seen in various posts that Iíve looked at already, but they might get a laugh or two out of some of my exploits.

Iíll start with the story of how I got it. ďGarage Sale Model AĒ
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