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Default Re: Membership dropping, interest too???

I was looking at a bunch of dad's old pictures of when he went to car meets back in the 1960's. It looked like they had FUN! Driving events/races where they held eggs in spoons, dressing up, swap meets, and plenty of touring.

The cars/parts/hobby were also CHEAP before the big money came in, and priced the 'good' stuff out of reach.

Nowadays, meets are a bunch of elderly people slowly wandering around, talking about the old days... (those are the GOOD ones) The less fun crowd goes around complaining about everything, takes everything too seriously, nit picks things to death, etc.

From what I can tell from studying all the photos (he was a camera addict) he and mom had a BLAST with the hobby! They did a lot more PLAYING back then, and less worrying about the correct color/width pinstripe. He and mom both told me about an 'egg' race where they had the '34 up on two wheels, but mom never dropped the egg. lol Simple fun with cheap cars that the general public didn't want anymore. He started in 1961, and I can see what he liked so much about it back then! It would be equivalent to people today gathering up 1980's cars, and having fun with them.
Mike Jr. here. I get on here every few months to check messages, and look through his almost 500 saved messages for information on the '29 and '34 I still have. A lot of very nice people on here. He truly enjoyed Ford Barn.
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