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Default Re: Milling a head for compression?

Looks really good Milton, I think I'm going to go that route, at the same time, I'm now pretty curios as to what I can do w/a stock head. I've got an idea on how to run a HP test, and these heads come off so fast, I just can't resist. I've got 2 dyno's, but they are used for transmissions, not engines, so I thought I could run some hp tests by 1st, making a baseline test by getting my A up to a certain speed, lets say somewhere around 30 mph and hold it steady, using a GPS, for accurrate speed readings, then go full throttle for a designated time & then check my speed at the end of the time limit, lets say 10 sec.'s, and record. Then go back to the shop & take off .025 from the head, and re-run test, doing this up to .100, if this head hasn't been touched yet it sounds like I'd be safe if I stopped there, from what others have said about their experiences, after that I might start playing w/the combustion chamber shape and pattern them from the snyder shape & see excactly where the biggest gains are, I'll use the snyder hc head for a back-up, in case I goof up or degrade performance, that way I can still go driving, what do ya think? Sincerely, Lewis

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