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Default Re: Milling a head for compression?

Originally Posted by Terry, NJ View Post
Once again, I'm new at this so bear with me. Why is it desirable to run SAE 250 (?) (600) weight grease in the rear. Until it gets hot it must be like plowing through peanut butter and surely draining off HP from a engine that hasn't got too much to spare. I know that the 250/600 oil doesn't leak out past the seals. but it seems to me that a better seal could be developed and used that allows for a lighter oil.
Along the same lines, I used a older, Long Fiber grease in my front wheel bearings. After I packed them. they didn't turn so easily either. Perhaps I should have used a more modern moly grease?

Actually, I have at times used 140 and 90 weight gear oil with no problems. the main thing with thinner gear oil is to make sure not to overfill. if you can stick your finger in , bend it at the first joint and touch the gear oil you are good to go. The thing about the seals is the axle usually has a pretty good groove worn in from where the seal contacts. In some cases the seals don't do a lot of good.
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