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Default Re: Milling a head for compression?

Heres some FREE HP,I learned this in kart Racing in the 80's.
Put the A on 4 jack stands. Spin a front wheel and time it. How long did it spin?
15sec...1 min...2 min? Now spin the other wheel. Whats the difference in the times?
If you only get 15-30 sec then your using up engine HP to move the car. Get the wheel to spin for 1-2 min. and you will feel the difference. Same thing with tires.
Take your Bicycle and set the air pressure at 15psi and ride up the tire pressure to 40psi and go for a ride...feel the difference? I could take a Kart and give it a push in the garage and it might roll 3ft....remove as much friction as possible and push the kart....across the floor and out the door she would go!
I hope this information is usefull.
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