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Why not start by removing the transmission shifter top, six bolts, and lift that slowly, making sure the forks were positioned correctly in 1/R gear and 2/3 sliding collar. Then drain oil and check gears and see if any broken teeth are in bottom of case. If that all looks good drop the rear down as a unit and roll it out to dismantle.
This same type of failure occurred on my 35 fordor in Nov. 2015. I also suspected it was the transmission, but turned out to be the rear. What a mess it turned out to be inside that banjo. I drained the rear before removing and lots of pieces and parts came out through the drain hole with the oil. I can add some pics here later, but I can tell you it was not pretty. Everything inside the banjo was destroyed, as well as the banjo housing itself.

Edit: Some pictures of the rear failure, and my one and only garage beautiful all white cat.....Ol Blue Eyes

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