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Default options for electronic ignition conversion on my '41

Hello all,
I'm seriously considering going to electronic ignition on my '41 PU. I'm sitting here now with a no start, no fire situation. The truck has the helmet style distributor with the coil adapter kit added at some point. I don't know any of the history about the truck except it sat for close to 30 years prior to me getting it last year. It's been running and drivable. It's been converted to a 12v system. I've replaced the coil with bosch blue coil shortly after getting the truck and also replaced the plug wires. I wanted to stay with the stock system and at some point in time pull it and send it to Bubbas for refresh, but I wasn't ready to quite yet. I have been trying to track down what my current issue is. I'm getting voltage to the coil, but no spark.
I've did a search on the electronic coversions and they seem to be pretty popular. I guess I'm confused on what you do about timing advance and so on with the electronic systems and also recommendations on what brand.
Thanks in advance,
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