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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

Lunch Hour Computing…

I was thumbing through a couple of parts catalogs looking for parts for both our ’39 Ford and ’39 Zephyr when I noticed pricing discrepancies for the same part between the Ford catalog and the Lincoln catalog. This didn’t come as a surprise however; it was an eye opener to see the difference in the markup from Ford to Lincoln… Thought I’d show you guys so if you haven’t done comparison shopping, you might want to start.


Front Wheel
Inner B-1201 16.00 1201 21.50
Outer B-1216 16.00 1216 21.50

Front Bearing
Inner B-1202 10.00 1202 17.00
Outer B-1217 8.00 1217 17.00

Oil Filler Cap 78-6766 10.00 6766 25.50

Flex Fuel Line 18-9288-A 10.00 9288 14.75

Total: $70.00 $117.25

Difference $47.25
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