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Default Re: What I Did on My Lunch Hour

'39 LZ Door Sills

Apparently the ’39 LZ was unique with respect to the “door sills”. The Coupe and Convertible Club Coupe are the same body and possibly the Coupe Sedan (TuDor Sedan) has the same “door sills”. I have not been able to locate any originals and, to my knowledge, no one re-pops them. I did find a company that makes door sills for just about every car ever produced, they have ’38 & ’40 to ’48 LZ & Continental door sills but no ‘39’s… I may send what’s left of our ’39 LZ door sills (and full measurements) to them to see if they can replicate the originals. How many other ’39 LZ owners (of the aforementioned body styles) would be interested in new “correct” door sills? Once I find out if this company can make the door sills (and at what cost), I’ll post the information on the web site as well. If there’s enough interest, I’ll have them produce whatever the minimum run would be.
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