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Default Re: Flathead deck height

Don't think you are getting arguments, your getting information from folks who know and build flatheads and have for years. If I knew the deck height number I would give it to you, I don't. Don't need it and don't use it. You are on a site with some of the top flathead builders in the world. If people post on your thread it keeps it near the top of the listing, if they don't it tends to get buried. If there are any builders that have that information and use it they will see the thread and most likely comment. Just a hint, there is no reason to come across as superior in the way you do or go about an engine build. Again the top flathead experts in the world are on this site! I have years of experience in building late model drag and circle track engines and understand exactly what you are referring to. That is something I am concerned with on OHV builds, flatheads are different. One of the biggest differences is how the heads are manufactured, there is a lot of variation from cylinder to cylinder. If you are wanting top performance you are going to have to modify each combustion chamber to match the piston. You might be able to machine the head for consistency or start with a billet head, but off the shelf they are going to need work. And as stated, custom pistons would help.

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