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Default Re: Flathead deck height

Originally Posted by JSeery View Post
It is much easier (and I would think more accurate) to measure it directly. The top of the pistons are often not a perfect dome, same applies to the area of the head over the piston dome. That is why it needs to be checked in several locations on each cylinder. There is also variation cylinder to cylinder. I'm not sure trying to figure it mathematically is the best approach. Takes some work to get the heads matched up to the pistons, the target value is normally in the .040 to .050 range.
I'm a machinist by trade and yes, there are very many variables. All production parts have a tolerance and those tolerances can accumulate i.e. stroke length, rod length and compression distance. You can also add to that, individual clearance of the parts. BUT, there will be only one tolerance for the block, itself to be concern with.

I don't know what Ford would have used for tolerance on the FH but, more modern tolerances is .005. Ford would have had to list that info (deck height and tolerance) somewhere or the engine could not have been built. The block is the basic "Building block" to the whole engine and everything is built to it.

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