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Default Re: Flathead deck height

Originally Posted by frnkeore View Post
The deck clearance, is the distance from the top of the piston (on domed pistons, it's measured from the start of the dome) to the top of the block.

In more modern, OHV engines, it's usually between .025 in the case of the sbc and .016 on SBF.

It's a needed dimension when setting up a engine to calculate compression ratio.

That's why I'm asking about the block's deck height. You would take the dimensions that I listed in my first post, and subtract the 10.502, from the deck height and that will give you the deck clearance.

The other thing that it effects is the distance from the piston to the underside of the head. For OHV engines, you need at least .040, to insure that the piston, doesn't hit the head at higher RPM. In the case of the FH, you have to add the dome height to the deck clearance and compressed head gasket thickness, to insure you have that clearance. Of course you don't have the dome on the early flat top pistons and so, you don't use it on those engines

Edit: For FH's, you have to also measure the depth of the cylinder head depression.
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