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Default Re: White vinegar as radiator flush

Originally Posted by 32phil View Post
Just curious.....has anyone tried Evaporust as a radiator flush ?
It does a great job cold but it really works well/quickly hot.
Yes I personally have, sorta. Using the similar product Rust-911, I was satisfied. Except for the volume of waste fluids it did what I wanted. 5 Gal of de-rust mix, and twice 5 gal of flush, so a lot of liquids to recycle.

My eventual solution was a recored radiator, but that was not the reason Rust-911 didn't solve the issue. I did an engine swap and lucked into a super fresh rad to exchange in at the same time as the powerplant.

And if any of you readers somehow have not had it register yet. Check out what Craig/Old Henry documented. He laid out a very good case! His deal is doing that against the Gummint' for us wronged citizens. So realize he's arguing a viewpoint. You can/should judge if it's the correct argument for your situation. A good guy and I miss his contributions. Hope he hasn't trashed too many aero-vehicles. Lord knows I've broken a few in my younger days.

Sorry I'm such a pill, but why not support the Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum?

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