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Default Re: Tod's engine block

Originally Posted by Dodge View Post
Good on you Tod. Thanks for keeping us posted. When you get a chance post any pictures you have on the OHV head if you can.
Patiently waiting, quality takes time.


I will, good or bad. I am probably only a week or so from having the OHV sampled. B head molds should be ready for me to pick up today and bring back to the shop to test fit cores in. Those heads will be cast very soon.

The OHV pattern needs a final coat of paint on the cope side and then it can be molded. I have 3 sets of cores for the OHV, which will all be made in aluminum before I move on to iron.

Of even greater interest to me is the direction of the A blocks. I have cores for making at least 2 sample 5 main blocks and I am developing a new molding strategy for the blocks that will make even better looking castings.

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