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Default Re: Off topic ford alternator question

14.4 volts fine. With a full charged battery a 12v Alt should put out 14.0v to 14.6v and most consider 14.2 ideal. Above 14.6 or 14.8 one can damage ignition parts and electronic devices.

Yes, still a bit off topic .... I built a 17' ski boat in the '60s and put a Ford 289 (sim to your 302) out of a '65 Mustang in it using an Osco conversion kit (using outside water pick up. The Ford 3-wire alternator and just like the Ford cars the "S" (sensor) was wired to the starter Solenoid to sense voltage at Battery and "Exc" went to dash idiot light. You can substitute the idiot light with a 10 ohm 10 watt resistor, or just hook a light bulb to it. However, for all to work be sure alternator and Exciter circuit are well grounded to the engine block.

The Ford 3-wire Alt is sim to the common Delco 12S 3-wire but likely would need to change pulley and mount .... or use a Delco 10S 1-wire (just won't start to charge until engine rev's above 1000 rpm.

That 302, just like the 289, makes a great marine adaption. For some reason the thrust bearing on the crank is very durable which is important if your boat has a straight-drive marine propulsion set up. With the right prop the boat should really hustle. If you remember the old Chrysler straight 6 cly 100 hp marine engines, they weighed as much as the 289 and 302 which have twice the HP.

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