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Default Re: 57 Tbird fuel tank sender

Thought this trouble shooting post from my Ď57 might be a good addition to this thread on Ď57 Fuel Sender:

Thanks again, dmsfrr.

Had good power to the sender and was pulsing as it should. Continuity checked out as well. Tank was well grounded. However, when attempting to measure resistance, could not get anything but full scale reading on the V/O meter so decided to remove sender.

Basically, this unit was falling apart in the tank. The sender has seen some service in itís past life as the case halves were somewhat soldered together, that is to say, an attempt was made to solder them together. Didnít work very well.

My fix was to clean everything, adjust the wiper contact and simply wire the two halves securely together.

Cut notches into the body of the sender to bed the wire when wrapping the halves together. Those halves are not going anyplace.

(Also, think a bit of tig welding would be a good solution as well to secure the two halves together.)

Thanks again for your help.


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