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Default Re: Answers to questions here telling them to look in club mag.

Originally Posted by JBill View Post
If somebody with a problem should just be referred to Les Andrews or the Judging Standards or the Service Bulletins or the Ford Barn archives, then what's the use of this board? No one is required to respond to an inquiry. If you resent having to do it, don't do it.
I agree 100%. If you're tired of answering the same old questions, maybe it's time for YOU to move on. I'm sure every possible question has already been asked and answered about Model A's on this site over the years. Did anyone ever consider that some people might enjoy talking to others who share their same interests through this forum instead of just looking up answers in books and archives? This forum provides more than just direct answers to questions, it also helps provide and promote a fellowship among people who enjoy Model A Fords.
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