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Default Re: Answers to questions here telling them to look in club mag.

I don’t agree with this. Directing someone to valid source material is a good way to make certain a person gets all the information they need. If they can access the net they can access the archives in the national club files, which are vast. And serious Model A owners should own and read the Judging Standards and the Ford Service Bulletins. A copy of the owner’s manual is also necessary reading. Those three books alone can answer many of the questions that are repeatedly asked here, and they are readily available and can be purchased for less than $100.

If someone is directed to one of the How To Restore books, those are also available individually for only $15 each, so a guy can buy what he needs without laying out cash for the whole set.

A good library is essential to having a comfortable working knowledge of your car, and accurate detailed information is available right on your bookshelf.

There are questions that can also be readily and easily answered on sites like FB, and the camaraderie is fun, but I think referring guys to source material and letting them do their own research is a valid response.
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