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Default Answers to questions here telling them to look in club mag.

I do not want to make this sound like people should NOT join one of the national clubs or their local club, I think it is a good idea to join one. People asking questions and only getting a reply to look in an issue of one of the club mags, lots of people are not members of ether club and if they are, may not have copies of back issues, is not helping get the needed info to the person. If you know the info answer the question and if it was covered in one of the mags, great, add that info as a sidebar.

Same with the JS, if you can take time to answer the question telling someone to look in the JS you have time to answer the question. I think the JS are a great tool, esp for people doing points cars or really striving to return their car to how it was from the factory and should have a copy but for the average owner that has a question here and there, Fordbarn is a great source of help.
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