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Default Re: Identifying carburetors

Originally Posted by 51woodie View Post
This post refers to 48 and 97 carbs. The carb on my '46 (late year build) has the number 59 cast on the body and Ford on the other side. What company built this carb? Is it comparable to the 48/97 or is it a different breed as far as parts/settings go?
Your carb is a Ford/Holley, which replaced the Stromberg carbs. Nothing is compatible between them. The model 59 was used on Ford products from 1945 till 1948, and but for the controls, was the same as earlier carbs starting in 1938 as Chandler Grove carbs. Your particular carb sports an earlier air horn, having an external vent as opposed to the vent tube seen inside the air horn on later carbs.
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