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Default Re: Master Cylinder Bracket

Originally Posted by Ian1932 View Post
Your picture doesnt show up...But whats the difference if its a plate or a bracket?

You bring-up an interesting point. I went back and looked at your original pictures. Your bracket is bolted to the lower, horizontal flange on the crossmember. Yes, to bolt it to that surface, a bracket like yours would be necessary. Click that link I sent and go back and study those pictures. He bolted his simple, flat plate directly to the stronger, and probably less-flexible VERTICAL surface on the crossmember. It doesn't get any simpler than a flat plate. When you look at those pictures again, you'll note that one of the M/C attach bolts has a countersunk head where it fits against the flat surface of the crossmember. The thickness of the 3/8" plate makes it possible to countersink for that bolt. Pretty slick set-up! DD

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